Innocence of Muslims

I have just seen the long trailer of the film on youtube shocked at the reaction it has caused in the Arab world. The film is ridiculously badly made and an absurd and uneccesary provocation and I beleive that You Tube should ban it because it obviously it does offend people. On the other hand most of the people that have protested violently in some parts of the world have probably not seen the film and their violent reaction is clearly exaggerated. These people have been manipulated by the fanatic Muslims and this film has been made by fanatic Christians and /or Jews with the aim of creating a situation that sets us further apart.

I am at a loss at why Christian and Jewish leaders dont condemn the film and ask for its ban and why Muslim leaders dont condemn the killings and violence against westerners and Western interests.

The film was not done by goverments but by a few bad men. The same that the violence and killings in the Arab world have not been carried out by Muslims but by a bunch of murderous zealots.

We have seen the law of cause and effect. The film has provoked such manipulated anger that people have died. Ones freedom ends where another person’s freedom starts. The film makers are morally responsible for the deaths as the murderers.

It is about time that we realize that we all are human beings and we all aim in life for the same one thing: Happiness. This we all have in common so lets work together, hand in hand to achieve this happiness and lets fuight united agains these extremists: Christians, Jews and Muslims that preach HATE and benefit from what they preach.