The Cowardice of the Taliban: A shame to the Muslim World

Yesterday a 14 year old girl was shamelessly shot by a Taliban activist. Her crime to be a girl and at her tender age have made headlines for her activism in pro of education for girls in her country and critiizing the Taliban for their intolerance.

Malala Yousufzai is a hero and should be taken as an example by the Muslims around the world. A proud young, intelligent girl in a society in which being a woman is paramount to a breeding animal. The fanatics wants them to have no education and no voice whatsoever.

As Malala has pointed out their is not one passage of the Koran in which the Prophet says that women are secondary citizens and should remain uneducated and oppressed. But she has nearly paid with her life for speaking out aloud and without fear.

The shooting of Malala Yousufzai on Tuesday in the town of Mingora in the volatile Swat Valley should horrify Pakistanis across the religious, political and ethnic spectrum but it also should be critiziced and condemned by the Muslim religious leaders around the world.

What kind of man would attack a bus full of young girls and shoot his target in the head? How cowardly can he be?? Men like him are nothing better than rats but what is terrifying is that they hide this cowardice behind the curtain of religion. An interpretation of Islam that should be condemned all around the world because that interpretation goes against the true teaching of Islam.

Malala appears to be out of immediate danger after doctors removed a bullet lodged in her neck that could have been fatal. She is in intensive care and not out of danger. The next 48 hours will be crucial.

Pakistani society has reacted against this monstrosity but they now need with the military and the government to destroy the Taliban and their fanatic teachings. They have said they will not stop until they silence her. They are the ones that by all means need to be silenced.

“In attacking Malala, the terrorist have failed to grasp that she is not only an individual, but an icon of courage and hope who vindicates the great sacrifices that the people of Swat and the nation gave, for wresting the valley from the scourge of terrorism,” Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said in a statement. And he is right.

Pakistan should become a vibrant, modern democracy  tolerant of all religions. The true tolerant Islam should be taught in the madrassas and Islam should not dictate the policy of the goverment as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan hoped for.

Malala is admired across Pakistan for exposing the Taliban’s atrocities and advocating girls’ education in the face of religious extremism. She should be admired by ALL Muslims around the world.

The Military should launch a major offensive to hunt down the Taliban leaders and put them on trial for atrocities against the Pakistani people,

Shame on the Taliban who hate women and who are such COWARDS. Shame on the Musliim zealots that approve of their acts. Muslim leaders and Imans around the world should condemn this disgusting act without any hesitation. They will do a great favour to their religion. A religion that should be of Tolerance.