The Liberation of Tombuctu from the radical Islamists


Today is a day of celebration for the people of Mali as the radical Islamists have been beaten out of Gao and Tombuctu. The local people are rejoicing. The radical Islamist had imposed a brutal extreme interprentation of Sharia Law. Music, dancing and art were banned for close to a year. Women who refused to wear the veil received 40 lashes of the whip, smoking was punished by 20 lashes and drinking with 40. Sexual relationships were punished by being buried in a hole and stoned to death.

What sort of people can be so cruel and so inhuman? What sort of people think that God could endorse such barbarity? The dark note of the liberation has been that before departing the criminal radical Islamists have destroyed much of the cultural treasures of Tombuctu, which are heritage of mankind. ebels from the Al-Qaeda-allied Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith) group continued their destruction of the city’s cultural treasures, defying a chorus of international condemnation. When captured they should be held accountable not only for the human suffering they have inflicted on their fellow citizens but also for the destruction of cultural treasures. They should receive the most severe punishment for these crimes.

Members of the liberation troops have said that  residents sobbed as the Islamists broke down the “sacred door” of one of Timbuktu’s three ancient mosques, Sidi Yahya – closed for centuries due to local beliefs that to open it would bring misfortune.

The free world must do everything within its power to erradicate once and for all these extremist groups that DO NOT represent Islam. They are a disgrace to their religion.The moderate Islamic leaders of the world should condemn them as un Islamic.