Disenchanted youth and why they should be taught to be MOTIVATED!


I just found some days ago that the thirteen year old son of someone I love very much is smoking hashish. Smoking at that age is obviously not healthy because the the body is not physically developed and it is definitely harmful for his health but what worries me most is that mentally at that age one is not developed enough to understand what is to be under the influence of a substance even if it is not strong and socially acceptable.

Please do not take me wrong. I am a believer that drugs should be legal and controlled and sold by the government as not only it would mean an end to the mafias that now control this profitable market but it would also mean revenue for the government and a control on quality etc.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best way forward. But let us go back to my friends son. When she told me I realized how confused and worried she was and I asked her why as I tried to reassure her that it was most certainly just  a passing phase of rebellion. She confided in me that the fact that he was smoking was though disturbing, not what worried her. Her grave concern came after her son told her that he did not like this world and the injustice in it!

Why would a young teenager  with a solid good education and a loving family feel so disturbed by the world around him  and have no motivation to do anything about it? This made me think and think until I came to the conclusion that today’s youth have grown in a technological world with values very different to ours and as they grow many of them see that truly the world is not a just place and they realize they have nothing to look forward or at least this is what they feel. So what can we do to help them?

My sister Charis and I have written a lovely novel, The Twilight of the Fourth World which is an epic fantasy full of beautiful messages directed mainly to the young of the world but also to all of us adults, that still have their youngster alive in them.  Everybody with help can start seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.


I have decided to write an e-book that will be distributed at a small cost world wide recounting a story that will inspire and motivate the young of the world. I will write it and dedicate it to my friend’s son and hopefully I can help him find his way. I agree with him that the world is not a fair place and that their is much ugliness around us, but there is also much beauty. it has never been fair. It was not fair in our time or in our parents time. That is the way of the world but we can do things to make the world a better place and one of them is not complaining.

We must all start by practicing gratitude and counting all our blessings. There is always someone that is in a worst place than ours  and therefore everything is relative. How about inspiring those youths that feel lost and disenchanted to become volunteers in their free time and help those less fortunate than them? Giving and helping others is a most enriching experience that makes one  feel very satisfied and enriched. The feeling of being needed!

I hope that I will succeed in my endeavor. I will definitely will put everything I have into achieving this goal and I Invite all my readers to make suggestions and participate in this beautiful project with suggestions, ideas and even personal experiences and stories.


A teenager should be happy and discovering all the wonderful things that the Universe has to offer. It is a period of discovery and joy and should never be one of sadness and depression.

Thank You!



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Carlos Mundy

Carlos Mundy, the current Count of Mondaye ( a Norman title that dates back to the XI century!) , was born in Bilbao (Spain) but lived in London until the age of twelve, when he moved to Madrid (Spain) with his parents and brothers. He studied in Spain and went to University to study journalism. During those years he was already working as a freelance journalist for several Spanish magazines. AT the age of 19 he took off on a round the world tour for two years working as a model to make ends meet. On his return he founded a model agency in 1982 which he managed until 1996 and became the top agency in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. During those years he traveled the world extensively on scouting trips and he also continued working as a freelance journalist doing interviews to top fashion designers, heads of state and celebrities. He also wrote many travel pieces: his passion. In the year 2000 he founded Metaphore Magazine: Creative Culture, a must read in the Spanish publishing scene. The magazine was a monthly that lasted two years. In 2003 he published the Spanish version of The Rainbow Warrior, co- written with his sister Charis and that was published in the US in 2007. His next book, The Toucan Lodge was published simultaneously in the UK and the US in 2009 and its Spanish publication in 2010. The novel was re-released in the UK in 2011 under the title Gestapo Lodge. This was followed by the publication of the successful historical novel, "The Romanov Lost Icon and the Enigma of Anastasia" (Thames River Press) in 2013, co-written with historian Marie Stravlo. 2015 has seen the publication of an epic fantasy co-written again with his sister Charis, "The Twilight of the Fourth World," inspired by the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the Hopi Indian prophecies. Before the end of the year his latest historical novel, "The Indian Kings of France: The fascinating story of the Bourbons of Bhopal" is expected to be published. Carlos is currently working on the production of Unforgettable, a tribute to the Legends of Hollywood which is scheduled to start shooting in Jodphur (India) in 2017 with a fabulous cast of legends. Carlos is a show jumper and when time permits, he continues to paint. He had two successful exhibits in the nineties. He is also a member of The Comite de APoyo al Tibet. The Spanish NGO, that has lobbied successfully to have the Spanish courts start criminal proceedings against Chinese Communist leaders for Crimes against Humanity committed in occupied Tibet. He was made a Knight of the Royal Order of the Principality of Hutt River in 2007, became a Knight of the Ecumenic Order of Malta in 2011 and received THE WOMEN TOGETHER AWARD at the United Nations for his philanthropic anonymous work with Tibet. He is currently Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the Ecumenical Knights of Malta.

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