New DNA tests prove that the descendants of Naundorff are Bourbons!

NaundorrfKarl Wilhelm Naundorff who the Dutch government recognized as King Louis XVII
Karl Wilhelm Naundorff died in 1845 in Delft (the Netherlands), where he was buried under the name of Louis Charles, Duc de Normandie, Louis XVII on his tomb one can read: « Ici repose Louis XVII, Roi de France et de Navarre, né à Versailles le 27 mars 1785, décédé le 10 août 1845,»
Louis XVII was the name of Louis Charles (1785-?), the second son of the French
King Louis XVI (1754 -1793) and Marie- Antoinette (1755- 1793).
According to the official records, Louis Charles died of tuberculosis in the
Temple (in Paris) on 8 June 1795. At the beginning of the 19th Century, about several ten of individuals claimed to be the son of Louis
XVII.  The most famous of them is Naundorff, who came in Paris on
May 1833. He could apparently provide sufficient circumstantial evidence to
convince ex members of the court of Versailles (and specially Mme de Rambaud, maid of the Dauphin) of his descent.
Naundorff was deported to England by the French authorities, after twenty-six
days of prison, on july 1836.
About fifteen years ago, Professor Cassiman excluded Naundorff as the son of Marie Antoinette on the basis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of his
remains compared with the sequences obtained from the hairs of two sisters of Marie Antoinette, Marie Antoinette herself, and with the sequences obtained
from DNA samples of two living maternal relatives.
Very recently the same Laboratory produced the Y – chromosome STR profiles of three different members of the House of Bourbon. The goal of the present
article presented by The International Journal of Science is to compare these profiles to that of Hughes de Bourbon, a direct French Naundorff’s descendant,
in order to elucidate patrilinear relationships between him and these members of the Bourbon’s family.
Henri IVComparison photos of King Henri III of Navarre and IV of France and Prince Hughes father, Charles Edmond de Bourbon, Count of Poitiers.
Hughes de Bourbon (born in 1974) is the 4th generation living descendant of Karl Naundorff. The Naundorff’s legacy bears today legally (confirmatory judgement of the Tribunal de la Seine , 26 November 1913) in France the «de Bourbon» name ; initially, the judgments of Bois-le-Duc (12 march 1888) and of Maëstricht (20 may 1891) Tribunals accorded the use of the «de Bourbon» name to the Naundorff’s family members.
Prince Hughes de Bourbon is the only son of Charles- Louis Edmond de Bourbon (Charles XII de jure) the last dynast of the elder branch ; so Hughes
could be the present King de jure, since 2008.
The Conclusions could not be more surprising:

Results reported in the present study concerning comparisons of genetic markers of theY- chromosome between Hughes de Bourbon and three living males of the House of Bourbon recently published (Larmuseau et al 2) establish that:

1/ Hughes de Bourbon belongs to the same terminal sub-clade of  SNP patriline age of current differenciation (cladeR1b1a2a1a1, SNPsub-terminalmarkerS21) than the other Bourbons studied (these Bourbons were not tested for S21 but, being Z381+,areobligatoryS21+).

2/ The high-resolution profile (in our own 27–STRs system of comparison) of  Hughes de Bourbon is greatly similar to those of the other Bourbons, differing from them by six  .

3/ On the basis of this criterium of six mutations of difference Hughes de Bourbon can be considered as being a member of the de Bourbon family, according to the established rules of genealogical relationships in recent families with identical surnames.

It must be noted that this six mutations threshold of differences concerns families of relatively recent origins 19. So, because the Bourbon family is a very ancient one (that can be traced back at least since Henri IV, for the royal french dynasties), such a six mutations criterium of differences corresponds to a minimal value.

hugueStriking resemblance between King Louis XVI and Prince Hughes of Bourbon


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Carlos Mundy

Carlos Mundy, the current Count of Mondaye ( a Norman title that dates back to the XI century!) , was born in Bilbao (Spain) but lived in London until the age of twelve, when he moved to Madrid (Spain) with his parents and brothers. He studied in Spain and went to University to study journalism. During those years he was already working as a freelance journalist for several Spanish magazines. AT the age of 19 he took off on a round the world tour for two years working as a model to make ends meet. On his return he founded a model agency in 1982 which he managed until 1996 and became the top agency in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. During those years he traveled the world extensively on scouting trips and he also continued working as a freelance journalist doing interviews to top fashion designers, heads of state and celebrities. He also wrote many travel pieces: his passion. In the year 2000 he founded Metaphore Magazine: Creative Culture, a must read in the Spanish publishing scene. The magazine was a monthly that lasted two years. In 2003 he published the Spanish version of The Rainbow Warrior, co- written with his sister Charis and that was published in the US in 2007. His next book, The Toucan Lodge was published simultaneously in the UK and the US in 2009 and its Spanish publication in 2010. The novel was re-released in the UK in 2011 under the title Gestapo Lodge. This was followed by the publication of the successful historical novel, "The Romanov Lost Icon and the Enigma of Anastasia" (Thames River Press) in 2013, co-written with historian Marie Stravlo. 2015 has seen the publication of an epic fantasy co-written again with his sister Charis, "The Twilight of the Fourth World," inspired by the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the Hopi Indian prophecies. Before the end of the year his latest historical novel, "The Indian Kings of France: The fascinating story of the Bourbons of Bhopal" is expected to be published. Carlos is currently working on the production of Unforgettable, a tribute to the Legends of Hollywood which is scheduled to start shooting in Jodphur (India) in 2017 with a fabulous cast of legends. Carlos is a show jumper and when time permits, he continues to paint. He had two successful exhibits in the nineties. He is also a member of The Comite de APoyo al Tibet. The Spanish NGO, that has lobbied successfully to have the Spanish courts start criminal proceedings against Chinese Communist leaders for Crimes against Humanity committed in occupied Tibet. He was made a Knight of the Royal Order of the Principality of Hutt River in 2007, became a Knight of the Ecumenic Order of Malta in 2011 and received THE WOMEN TOGETHER AWARD at the United Nations for his philanthropic anonymous work with Tibet. He is currently Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the Ecumenical Knights of Malta.

12 thoughts on “New DNA tests prove that the descendants of Naundorff are Bourbons!”

  1. Dear Carlos Mundy:

    Please send me an address for me to send you key information related to my great-grandfather Dr. Julius von Naundorff, the first son of Karl Wilhelm Naundorff, born 13th January 1820 in Dresden

    All Best, Alexander Hirtz

  2. During the french revolution it seems that Moses-DOBRUCKA alias Franz-Thomas VON SCHONFELD alias Junius FREY, was send in mission to replace the two child of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI by his own children, the son : Franz-Frey.
    Junius Frey was Karl Wilhem NAUNDORFF who write the “Celest Doctrine”…His Dad was member of an esoteric Frankist and Sabbataist society.

  3. If this is true then how does the heart that currently resides in the Basilica of Saint Denis (the one removed during the autopsy after the boy in the tower died) have the same DNA through the maternal Habsburg line?

    1. Dear Stephanie
      My information is that it is the heart of Prince Louis Joseph but you seem to have more information than I do…In any case the results of these tests proof that Prince Hughes de Bourbon is a member of the Bourbon family and for that to be so Naundorff must have been Louis XVII.
      So if what you say is so..then we must investigate to whom does the dry heart in ST Denis belong to.Many thanks


    The TWO separate DNA tests were conducted outside of France in order to be above any type of suspicion.

    They were carried out by Jean-Jacques Cassiman, a professor of genetics at Belgium’s Louvain University, and Ernst Brinckmann of Germany’s Muenster University. Both scientists came to the same conclusion.

    Dr. Cassiman even stayed that he was barely paid enough to cover the cost of the tests. The results were certainly not corrupted by conspiracy.

    I could list numerous reliable sources substantiating these findings but anyone who has access to google, does thorough research and cracks a few books can come to the same answers.

  5. Naundorff name questions.
    I am at least a fourth generation August Naundorff, middle names changed so I am a Jr.
    I live in USA, New Jersey.
    Family members insist we are of German descent. Without getting to much into detail how can I confirm or deny these claims?

    1. Dear Mr Naundorff
      Yes, the Naundorff name is of German origin so you do have German ascendancy without a doubt. What I would be unable to say if you are a descendant of the founder of the branch that descends from Karl Wilhelm Naundorff/ Louis XVII but may I suggest that if you are interested you contact
      If your DNA says you have a Bourbon connection then there is no doubt. Best of luck on your fascinating research.

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