Innocence of Muslims

I have just seen the long trailer of the film on youtube shocked at the reaction it has caused in the Arab world. The film is ridiculously badly made and an absurd and uneccesary provocation and I beleive that You Tube should ban it because it obviously it does offend people. On the other hand most of the people that have protested violently in some parts of the world have probably not seen the film and their violent reaction is clearly exaggerated. These people have been manipulated by the fanatic Muslims and this film has been made by fanatic Christians and /or Jews with the aim of creating a situation that sets us further apart.

I am at a loss at why Christian and Jewish leaders dont condemn the film and ask for its ban and why Muslim leaders dont condemn the killings and violence against westerners and Western interests.

The film was not done by goverments but by a few bad men. The same that the violence and killings in the Arab world have not been carried out by Muslims but by a bunch of murderous zealots.

We have seen the law of cause and effect. The film has provoked such manipulated anger that people have died. Ones freedom ends where another person’s freedom starts. The film makers are morally responsible for the deaths as the murderers.

It is about time that we realize that we all are human beings and we all aim in life for the same one thing: Happiness. This we all have in common so lets work together, hand in hand to achieve this happiness and lets fuight united agains these extremists: Christians, Jews and Muslims that preach HATE and benefit from what they preach.

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Carlos Mundy

Carlos Mundy, the current Count of Mondaye ( a Norman title that dates back to the XI century!) , was born in Bilbao (Spain) but lived in London until the age of twelve, when he moved to Madrid (Spain) with his parents and brothers. He studied in Spain and went to University to study journalism. During those years he was already working as a freelance journalist for several Spanish magazines. AT the age of 19 he took off on a round the world tour for two years working as a model to make ends meet. On his return he founded a model agency in 1982 which he managed until 1996 and became the top agency in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. During those years he traveled the world extensively on scouting trips and he also continued working as a freelance journalist doing interviews to top fashion designers, heads of state and celebrities. He also wrote many travel pieces: his passion. In the year 2000 he founded Metaphore Magazine: Creative Culture, a must read in the Spanish publishing scene. The magazine was a monthly that lasted two years. In 2003 he published the Spanish version of The Rainbow Warrior, co- written with his sister Charis and that was published in the US in 2007. His next book, The Toucan Lodge was published simultaneously in the UK and the US in 2009 and its Spanish publication in 2010. The novel was re-released in the UK in 2011 under the title Gestapo Lodge. This was followed by the publication of the successful historical novel, "The Romanov Lost Icon and the Enigma of Anastasia" (Thames River Press) in 2013, co-written with historian Marie Stravlo. 2015 has seen the publication of an epic fantasy co-written again with his sister Charis, "The Twilight of the Fourth World," inspired by the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the Hopi Indian prophecies. Before the end of the year his latest historical novel, "The Indian Kings of France: The fascinating story of the Bourbons of Bhopal" is expected to be published. Carlos is currently working on the production of Unforgettable, a tribute to the Legends of Hollywood which is scheduled to start shooting in Jodphur (India) in 2017 with a fabulous cast of legends. Carlos is a show jumper and when time permits, he continues to paint. He had two successful exhibits in the nineties. He is also a member of The Comite de APoyo al Tibet. The Spanish NGO, that has lobbied successfully to have the Spanish courts start criminal proceedings against Chinese Communist leaders for Crimes against Humanity committed in occupied Tibet. He was made a Knight of the Royal Order of the Principality of Hutt River in 2007, became a Knight of the Ecumenic Order of Malta in 2011 and received THE WOMEN TOGETHER AWARD at the United Nations for his philanthropic anonymous work with Tibet. He is currently Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the Ecumenical Knights of Malta.

27 thoughts on “Innocence of Muslims”

  1. Hola. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con su opinión. He visto el larguísimo y muy estúpido trailer y opino que, aparte de estar muy mal hecha, esta película es una completa tontería y una GRAN tomadura de pelo. Se nota muy bien que los que la han hecho no tienen ni la más mínima idea de lo que es la religión musulmana, y que la película está llena de clichés, la mayoría de ellos sin sentido. Su única función es la de provocar.
    Por otra parte, y como bien ha dicho usted, pienso, como musulmana que soy, que la reacción al video en todos estos países es excesivamente violenta y sin fundamentos, es decir, la mayoría de los manifestantes son jóvenes sin ningún criterio y que solo siguen lo que les dicen los extremistas. Lo que deberían hacer es manifestarse sin violencia para que su mensaje llegue a occidente y se les entienda, ya que del modo que lo están haciendo ahora, logran lo que el director de aquella ridícula película quería: ensuciar (aun más) la imagen de los musulmanes.

    Un cordial saludo, desde Tánger.

  2. Alia
    Thank you for your insightful opiniom. I have many Muslim friends and I know that not one single one of them would endorse the violent reaction to the film. As you say the people behind the violence re extremist zealots that manipulate ignorant youth.
    The way to protest would be a massive silent protest in all the Muslim world and in the Western capitals too. Blaming governments and the wave of violence is what the film makers wanted.. They are now probably saying: “You see what a bunch of fanatical criminals the Muslims are?. We are right:” For the extremist in both camps any excuse is good to generate more hate and both the filmakers and the people behind the unjustifiable violence are delighted with what is going on because though the detest each other they have a common goal.
    I want to see the religeous leaders: Christians Bishops, Jewish Rabbis and Muslim Mullahs condeming the violence together. In all three religions taking lives goes against the teachings! BASTA YA!

  3. Al Qaeda is urging its followers to continue the attacks of US Embassies and Western interests around the Arab world. It just comes to show that these extremist that have nothing to do with the essence of Islam are poisoning the minds of many young illiterate and fustrated muslims around the world. It also proves the point that extremist on all sides( Muslims, Christians and Jews) have the same agenda: to sow discord, to continue preaching hate and violence and to ensure that harmony and friendship between people of different faiths and ways of thinking never happens.
    Our enemy is not Islam but the zealots in every religion that preach HATE.

  4. Carlos,
    I couldn’t agree with you more, the leaders of the different religions should be trying to bring peace and understanding since secular governments seem uncapable. We are still seeing the consequences of unrestrained hatred on all fronts, American news outlets are being very careful with what kind of information they divulge.

    Aparently an Engltsh version of the video had been out since June, and no one noticed. The producers of the film went through the trouble of trnslating it into Arabic . This week the White House asked Google -parent company of youtube to review the content of the video and they found there was nothing against their regulations- although they advised restrictions in Afganistan and Sudan, but even if banned it, maybe too late, everyone has already heard about it .
    The fanatic Coptic behind the film and the crazy Americans that are promoting it like pastor Terry Jones are abusing and misusing their freedom of expression. It is clearly reminder that one of the first things a Democracy needs is an educated population, don’t you think?

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts,

  5. Education is vital but the fundamentalist in all three religions manipulate minds and it easier to do so by using scare tactics and fear. Normally uneducated people are more easy victims for such strategy.
    We must set an example of moderation so I call all religeous leaders that truly follow thier faiths which all preach empathy and love to lead world amrches in favour of peace, understanding between faiths and brotherhood. We are all human beings not beasts!

  6. I won’t be able to thank you fully for the articles on your web-site. I know you’d put a lot of time and energy into all of them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I could do the same for someone else sometime.

  7. The Muslim zealots are on a rampage. In Pakistan they have burnt 7 cinemas because the consider cinemas obscene, the have burnt 3 banks and destroyed cars made in the West! They are mad and want to impose darkness in the world. Where is personal freedom and freedom of expression?
    One can think what one wants as long as you dont impose that thought on anyone specially by brute force.
    Islam is a tolerant religion in its essence as is Christianity and Judaism but it has been hijacked by the extremist which are on a mission to break all dialogue and impose the return to the darkest of ages where thought must be banned by all means included murder.
    How can a stupid film and some cartoons provoke close to 50 deaths? How can this be justified?? No religion can. The people that have provoked this situation will pay one way or another for this and the people that have reacted with such violent too. GOD in whatever colour or form of expression in all religions is LOVE and has nothing to do what these monsters want to impose on us. Christ, Mahoma, the Buddah, Abraham etc etc would be ashamed of what men of such ignorance have done with their teachings.

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  10. Al margen del tema del vídeo tratado en este artículo, quiero comentar eso de “I beleive that You Tube should ban it because it obviously it does offend people.” Yo no creo que la censura sea la herramienta para emplear en caso que un contenido, justificado o no, no guste a según qué personas. Lo hemos visto en Charlie Hebdo y lo vemos en este caso también. Si hay quienes no saben controlarse cuando se ofenden, pues el problema – sintiéndolo mucho – radica en ellos, pues ellos mismos les dan una oportunidad de oro a los que quieren calumniarlos. Yo soy judío, y las cosas que he visto en YouTube dejan a este vídeo del que hablas en segundo plano si no más. Te hablo de barbaridades realmente díficiles de digerir, no algo que pasó hace miles de años. Te hablo del antisemitismo puro y duro en su forma más perversa, vídeos que justifican a Hitler, y de las teorías de conspiración que ni te cuento. Y los comentarios a estos vídeos peores todavía. ¿Ha pedido alguien alguna vez que se quitaran estos vídeos? Lo has pedido tú? ¿Se ha levantado alguien? ¿Ha habido manifestaciones y motines? ¡NADA! Podrías decir que los judíos ya nos hemos acostumbrado a este tipo de cosas, o sencillamente no lo consideramos lo suficientemente importante como para desenfundar un arma e ir a por todas. Pero la verdad es que yo considero que la censura es lo peor que se puede hacer y me sorprende mucho que alguien como tú lo defienda. Porque entonces quien decide qué es censurable y qué no? En este caso la violencia se hubiera impuesto ganando la batalla (como lo intentaba hacer en Paris). Si hay algo censurable en una red abierta como YouTube, más allá de los contenidos con derecho de autor o censuras impuestas por las autoridades locales, debe ser sólo en caso de en una inminente peligrosidad para la salud o vida de personas concretas. Pues para mí la Pasión de Jesús del antisemita Mel Gibson es una película tan ofensiva como otras, por no hablar de auténticas joyas como los protocolos de los sabios de Sión o Mein Kampf (ambos casos en versión escrita eso sí) que están por todas partes (hasta en Alemania saldrá una versión actualizada de este último). ¿Llamarías al bloqueo de estos dos también? O es que cuentas con que los judíos no se rebelen ni se produzcan violentos actos contra “Occidente”? Facebook, una red social creada como mchas otras cosas por judíos, tampoco censura a participantes y grupos, incluyendo a racistas y antisemitas. En fin, se supone que soy una persona libre por lo que quiero tener la elección de contenidos que considero interesantes, quitándome este derecho te convierte precisamente en lo que dices no ser.

    1. Hola Guy
      Tienes en parte razon pero en mi opinion la libertad de expresion de cada individuo termina donde empieza la del otro…Creo que hay que ser tolerantes con todas las opiniiones mientras que no sean ofensivas como las que describes anti-semitas. Yo no he visto esos videos pero me gustaria me mandes el link y escribire un articulo para el blog.
      Evidentemente si alguien se siente ofendido jamas estaria justificado actuar con violencia. EL tema del Yihadismo islamico es terrible y fruto de la ignorancia mas absoluta.Yo no creo en la censura, de hecho la considero abominable pero si creo en la auto-censura que es que cada uno debemos meditar en nuestros palabra, nuestros pensamientos y nuestros actos y si estos generan negatividad para otra persona o comunidad es mejor auto censurarnos. Esto me lo enseño el Dalai Lama al que considero un ser de LUZ. Agradezco enormemente tu post. Gracias

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