True Islam: the voices of moderation.

The last few days have been harrowing for the peace loving people of the world. We have seen Boko Haram murder 2000 people in a Nigerian village and how they have used a 10 year old girl as a suicide bomber, we have seen the abominable murder of journalists in France and the list of terrorist crimes increase day by day.

The time has come in my view to find solutions that go beyond what the Americans called the war on terror as the war of terror cant be fought with terror. Violence always generates more violence and we must understand once and for all that these repulsive crimes have in reality nothing to do with Islam. The only people that benefit from this non-stop spiraling violence are the forces of the extremists on both sides of the spectrum.

We must all show moderation in this up hill battle against violence. the boundaries of freedom always finish where our neighbours boundaries start. Freedom of expression does not mean freedom of provocation or freedom to insult  and on the other hand being hurt in once sensibilities does not entitle anyone to take revenge.

We can ask ourselves and I  do why despite the risks, more imans don’t come out and clearly state that violence and murder are not part of Islam and those that follow this path are subverting the faith and a fatwa declared against them. This should be their sacred responsibility.

Islam has been hijacked by the extremist which are misguided, to say the least, in their interpretation of the Holy Quran  and they have perverted the teachings of the Prophet for their own interests. The time has come for the voices of moderation of Islam to denounce them in all the mosques around the world. This ideological fight can only be won with these voices of moderation as partners. The West can’t fight it alone and should not fight it alone as most followers of Islam are peace loving people. The more and more Muslims that get  enlightened about their own faith by the moderate Imans will lead to a changed picture of Islam.

This must be the goal of the Western governments to engage these voices of moderation as partners in the ideological war against extremism.


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