The Twilight of the Fourth World Facebook page


My sister Charis and I have started a Facebook page for the novel

The intention of the page is to create a THINK TANK for our readers to contribute with ideas on how we can all help to make this world a better place for all of us to live in. A world that we will feel happy  that future generations live in.

The Twilight of the Fourth World is inspired by the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama who is an enlightened being that preaches a message of peace and harmony for all. IT is also inspired by the prophecies of the Indian Hopis. When we started writing we were oblivious to the connection between Tibet and the Hopis. In fact the character that is inspired on His Holiness, the Rainbow Warrior  is closely connected to the Hopi traditions and that is real synchronicity.


The truth is that many of the things that we have narrated in our novel are happening as the Hopis predicted. It is not a coincidence that our democracies and personal freedoms at risk as we have found out thanks to Wikileaks. Wikileaks has released 17 different documents relating to the so-called ‘secret’ negotiations for a massive global trade deal known as the Trade in Services Agreement, a lesser known cousin of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that US President Barack Obama has been campaigning heavily for in Washington. The leak has been timed to coincide with a meeting of leaders for the Trade in Services Agreement in Paris. TiSA is one of three trade treaties that global political leaders have been trying to agree on, alongside TTP and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Negotiations for the deals have been conducted in private. While this is standard procedure, it has raised suspicions about the content of the talks. One UK MEP wrote an op-ed on the fact that she’d seen the ‘undemocratic’ TTIP deal, but wasn’t at liberty to reveal any of its contents. Another study said even EU representatives in Brussels thought their European Commission colleagues were making deals behind closed doors.

Supporter of Wikileaks said the negotiating texts were ‘the largest leak of secret trade negotiations in history’. “The secrecy charade has collapsed,” said Deborah James of the Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) network, a group of activists committed to fighting against corporate globalisation.  Wikileaks published a draft financial services annex of the TISA negotiations a year ago, containing plans to deregulate the financial sector. It said the new document confirms these plans, while also revealing new information about air traffic, maritime, professional services, e-commerce and domestic regulation.

This is one of the many topics the novel narrates and thus we invite all our readers to become proactive by clicking LIKE on the Facebook page and entering into any discussion of their choice related to topics that we bring up in the novel.

We look forward to your participation. Thanks!

King TibetHis Majesty King Lhagyari Trichen Wangchuk on the day of his coronation with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Both are important characters in The Twilight of the Fourth World.